About the Author!

"Life is a daring adventure, or it is nothing." 


  • I Love to Read! 
  • I Love to Write! 
  • I Love to Run! 
  • I Love to Listen to music. 
  • I Love to play Soccer!
  • I Love to play Frisbee 
  • I Love to read U.S. History (The American War For Independence.)
  • I Love to be around my family 
  • I Love to be around my best friends. 
  • And I generally just Love living life! 

My favorite color is: Purple, Bight Purple.

My favorite books: Always Adventure! 

My favorite time of day is: Sunset

My favorite time of year is: Fall
This is my little puppy, Riley!

My favorite sport is: Soccer! (Don't speak badly of it.)

My favorite gospel is: John (but I really like the part in Luke about the thief on the cross)

My favorite letter in the Alphabet is: L! because it has Live, Love, Laugh, and Life.

My favorite Heroes from a books are: Charlie West (The Homelanders) Edmond (Narnia) Diogenes (The Laughing Cavalier) Horace (The Ranger's Apprentice) Palmer (If We Survive) 

My favorite type of music is: Contemporary Christan 

If I had ten free minuets (only ten) what would I do? Find a friend to talk to or go read a book.

The best feelings are the ones you can never forget. 

The best books are those that you can't stop smiling as you finish the last chapter.

The best days are those when you wake up at with you favorite song in your head and you are greeted with a 'Good Morning!'.

The best smiles are the ones that reach all the way up in to the smiler's eyes.

I hope you like my blog at least a little,