Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Second day of camping continued!

Tubing !

So after Cades Cove we went back to the camp-site and got the stuff we needed to go tubing, we headed to the "Y" (which is a place where the road makes a y and there is a creek there.)

Anyway, we got there and we got down to the water and it was sooo cold.

We were starting to think, "And we're going to get in that and swim?" Anyway, Daddy, Emily, Ryan, and I where standing up the stream a little ways, where it was deep enough to swim. Daddy said he would give the first one to jump in a dollar. For a minute Emily looked like she might do it, but then she said it wasn't worth it.

Then Daddy said if she touched the rock on the other side of the deepest part he would jump in and touch it too. (It was deep enough that we all could not touch the bottom.) So Emily jumped in and she touched the rock and then Daddy jumped in and the Ryan and I jumped in. It was even colder then we at first thought, but sooo much it was fun.

So we got in our tubes and by the end of the day every one (but Michael) had tubed.

Well Bye,

P.S. You might need to click on the photos to see them better.

Second day of camping!

The next day we got up and had breakfast. Which, let me tell you, is quite an event! But thanks to Jess, Daddy and Mommy it went very well.

Daddy is the main cook when we are camping.

Sarah getting ready to eat.

Jess doing something with the oven.

Jamie being cold. It got warmer through the week, but the first day it was fairly cold.

Michael loved the cereal.

After breakfast we loaded up to go see all of Cades Cove again (stopping at every house through-out.)
It was so much fun, all the comments from everyone kept us laughing the whole time.

Emily, Michael, and I looking in to the water trough that leads to the water wheel.

Michael is soooo cute even when he refuses to smile for the picture.

Emily looking at the stove wondering if some of our friends might get one of these next.

The barns there are so neat, but have a very interesting use of space.

That is a cute picture, but I don't now what to say about it.

Jess at the place where we decided to go tubing (not really related to the picture.)

I have no idea where this is, but Sarah is really cute.

Michael jumping off a mill-stone.

Ryan at the creek - were we stopped to eat.

Daddy trying to cut a apple with a plastic knife (We forgot the real one.)

Erin finally in a picture. She is a great photographer, but we don't have have any pictures of her.

This is at the first cabin.

Michael a few minuets after this picture was taken decided he wanted down and did not tell any one, but just jumped. Someone caught him.

And the last few were all of us walking to the first cabin.

Well Bye,

Monday, September 20, 2010

First Day of camping!

The first day we left at nine (in the morning) and got there at five (at night).
We set up as quickly as we could and went to see Cades Cove before it go dark.

Ryan right before we left, looking tired.

Me washing the last dishes before we left.

The van ready to go.

That night driving through Cades Cove.

Emily in the very back corner of the van.

Me trying to see and hear everything that is going on up in the front.

Jess, isn't her head thing cute?

Jamie and Sarah having so much fun

Ryan, and I ran-out of things to say, but I will be back with more pictures!

Well Bye,

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan

Hear is the slide show. Happy birthday Ryan
Love Rachel

P.S. I can't get it of this line thing.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Ryan is so sweet and so fun, and think he is just the best.
Happy birthday Ryan,
Love Rachel!

P.S. I am trying to upload a slid show of him but we will see.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Waiting for the UPS man

We all have our days up to Sarah (I guess Jessica will have to give up her day when Michael gets older). On our days we get to make breakfast, pick the movie if we watch one, and some more stuff. One of our favorites is we get to get the mail and as you know the mail does not come on Sunday (Sarah's day) so she gets to get all the UPS packages and Michael sometimes gets to help her.
But any way Sarah made friends with the UPS man and he calls her "little bare foot girl" so the other day we called her down when we saw the truck coming and she ran downstairs, the stopped at the front door and said "OK is my hair fixed? Do I have a skirt on? Are my shoes off?" Then after that she ran out side.

Well anyway, these are not pictures from that time! But they are really cute.

Well bye,

Monday, September 6, 2010


I love playing soccer, and I know a lot of little people that love it too. Some are these very sweet little girls!
Yesterday we had a picnic out on our front porch. When we were about to start eating, some friends of ours came to see our neighbor's house. The little girls ended up playing soccer with my little sisters and Ryan. It was a lot of fun to sit on the front porch and watch all of them play. It was Ryan against every one else, and it was hilarious. When they finished that game, Caleb Philips came over and played too and that's when I took the pictures so..

Their beginning the game

Rebekah and Grace running as fast as they could

Caleb counseling some of his team

Sarah kicking the ball as hard as she could.

Jamie and Ryan going for the ball (both of them are competitive)

Amy doing a better throw-in than I can do. Elizabeth, Amy, and Sarah three very good goalies.
Grace was playing the game, but was not afraid to stop and have her picture taken.
Rebekah was very good at the whole game and was always in the middle of it all.

Hannah was probably the happiest player out there and always cheering.

Well that was the whole team so now you know we are never too busy to have someone stop by and play soccer - no matter what the age!

Well bye