Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Second day of camping continued!

Tubing !

So after Cades Cove we went back to the camp-site and got the stuff we needed to go tubing, we headed to the "Y" (which is a place where the road makes a y and there is a creek there.)

Anyway, we got there and we got down to the water and it was sooo cold.

We were starting to think, "And we're going to get in that and swim?" Anyway, Daddy, Emily, Ryan, and I where standing up the stream a little ways, where it was deep enough to swim. Daddy said he would give the first one to jump in a dollar. For a minute Emily looked like she might do it, but then she said it wasn't worth it.

Then Daddy said if she touched the rock on the other side of the deepest part he would jump in and touch it too. (It was deep enough that we all could not touch the bottom.) So Emily jumped in and she touched the rock and then Daddy jumped in and the Ryan and I jumped in. It was even colder then we at first thought, but sooo much it was fun.

So we got in our tubes and by the end of the day every one (but Michael) had tubed.

Well Bye,

P.S. You might need to click on the photos to see them better.

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