Wednesday, October 31, 2012

'Tis Folly...

Day 303

‘Tis folly in one Nation to look for disinterested favors from another; that it must pay with a portion of its Independence for whatever it may accept under that character; that by such acceptance, it may place itself in the condition of having given equivalents for nominal favours and yet of being reproached with ingratitude for not giving more. There can be no greater error than to expect, or calculate upon real favours from Nation to Nation. ‘Tis an illusion which experience must cure, which a just pride ought to discard.

~George Washington~ 




Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What Faith Can Do

Well Bye, 


Day 302

A nation under a well regulated government, should permit none to remain uninstructed. It is monarchical and aristocratical government only that requires ignorance for its support.

~Thomas Paine~ 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Secure Liberty

Day 301

"He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself." 

~Thomas Paine~ 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

What I Live for

I Live for those who love me,
Whose hearts are kind and true;
For the heaven that smiles above me,
And awaits my spirit, too;
For all human ties that bind me,
For the task my God assigned me,
For the bright hopes left behind me,
And the good that I can do.

I live to learn their story,
Who suffered for my sake;
To emulate their glory,
And follow in their wake;
Bards, patriots, martyrs, sages,
The noble of all ages,
Whose deeds crown History’s pages,
And Time’s great volume make.

I live to hail that season,
By gifted minds foretold,
When man shall live by reason,
And not alone by gold;
When man to man united,
And every wrong thing righted,
The whole world shall be lighted
As Eden was of old.

I live for those who love me,
For those who know me true;
For the heaven that smiles above me,
And awaits my spirit, too;
For the cause that needs assistance,
For the wrongs that need resistance,
For the future in the distance,
And the good that I can do!

~From McGuffey’s fifth reader~ 
I really loved this poem!

The Disease of Liberty

Day 302

The disease of liberty is catching; those armies will take it in the south, carry it thence to their own country, spread there the infection of revolution and representative government, and raise its people from the prone condition of brutes to the erect altitude of man.

~Thomas Jefferson~

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Majority Who Participate

 Day 301

"We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate."

 ~Thomas Jefferson~ 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Enjoyment of her rights

Day 300

"It is very imprudent to deprive America of any of her privileges. If her commerce and friendship are of any importance to you, they are to be had on no other terms than leaving her in the full enjoyment of her rights." 

~Benjamin Franklin~

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chains of the Constitution

Day 299

"In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution." 

~Thomas Jefferson~

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nothing special

These are a few pictures Jessica took the other day for our movie. 
Kinda like publicity photos, but not.

We had a lot of fun being goofy and getting Jess to laugh at us!

Well Bye,

Before a tyrannical government can rule

Day 298

"Before a standing army or a tyrannical government can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in American cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular (or professional) troops that can be, on ay pretense, raised in the United States." 

~Noah Webster~

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Swindling on a large scale

Day 297

"And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." 

~Thomas Jefferson~ 1816

He hides a smiling face

God moves in a mysterious way
His wonders to perform;
He plants his footsteps in the sea,
And rides upon the storm.

Deep in unfathomable mines
Of never failing skill,
He treasures up his bright designs
And works his sovereign will

Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take,
The clouds ye so much dread
And big with mercy, and shall break
In blessings on your head.

Judge not the lord by feeble sense,
But trust him for his grace;
Behind a frowning providence
He hides a smiling face.

His purpose will ripen fast,
Unfolding every hour;
The bud may have bitter taste,
But sweet will be the flower.

Blind unbelief is sure to err,
And scan his work in vain:
God is his own interpreter,
And He will make it plain.

~William Cowper~

Monday, October 22, 2012

They deserve a place of honor

Day 296

"Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people's liberty teeth and  keystone under independence. To secure peace, security and happiness, the rifle and the pistol are equally indispensable. The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that is good." 

~George Washington~

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Bible contains...

Day 295

“The Bible contains the revelation of the will of God. It contains the history of a creation of the world, and of mankind.”  

~John Adams~

Saturday, October 20, 2012

On you depend the fortunes of America

Day 294

 "Our country is in danger, but not to be despaired of. Our enemies are numerous and powerful; but we have many friends, determining to be free, and heaven and earth will aid the resolution. On you depend the fortunes of America. You are to decide the important question, on which rest the happiness and liberty of millions yet unborn. Act worthy of yourselves.

~Joseph Warren~




I'm still yours

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Friday, October 19, 2012

I don't have time to think of a name right know!

Day 293

As Emily pointed out I'm doing 366 days of quotations; they aren't all going to be great.

"Being ignorant is not so much a Shame, as being unwilling to learn." 

~Benjamin Franklin~

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Day 292

"Bless my family, kindred, friends and country, be our God and Guide this day and forever for His sake, who lay down in the grave and arose again for us Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen." 

~George Washington~

I should not have sought him...

"When I was coming to Christ, I thought I was doing it was doing it all myself, and though I sought the Lord earnestly, I had no idea the Lord was seeking me. I do not think the young convert is a first aware of this. I can recall the very day and hour when first I received those truths [of the doctrine of election] in my own soul–when they were as John Bunyan said, burnt into my heart as with a hot iron, and I can recollect how I felt that I had grown on a sudden from a babe into a man–that I had made progress in scriptural knowledge, through having found, once for all, the clue to the truth of God. One weeknight, when I was sitting in the house of God, I was not thinking much about the preacher's sermon. The thought struck me, How did you come to be a Christian? I sought the Lord. But how did you come to seek the Lord? The truth flashed across my mind in a moment–I should not have sought him unless there had been some previous influence in my mind to make me seek him. I prayed, thought I, but then I asked myself, How came I to read the Scriptures? I did read them, but what led me to do so? Then, in a moment, I saw that God was at the bottom of it all, and that he was the Author of my faith, and so the doctrine I have not departed to this day, and I desire to make this my constant confession, 'I ascribe my change wholly to God.'" 

~Charles Spurgeon~



Well Bye, 




Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Governor of the Universe.

Day 291

"It is the duty of every man to render to the Creator such homage....Before any man can be considered as a member of Civil Society, he must be considered as a subject of the Governor of the Universe."

 ~James Madison~ 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Great Confidence

Day 290

"'Tis great Confidence in a friend to tell him your Faults, greater to tell him his." 

~Benjamin Franklin~

Monday, October 15, 2012

highly rated

Day 289

"Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated." 

~Thomas Paine~ 




Sunday, October 14, 2012

Very Striking

Day 288

(Somewhere between January and know I got the days messed up but know I have it right!)

"That this is a consolidated Government is demonstrably clear, and the danger of such a Government, is, to my mind, very striking."

~Patrick Henry~ 

June 4, 1788 at the Virginia Ratifying Convention
Patrick Henry was against ratifying the new Constitution because he saw it as giving to much power to the federal government and not to the states. 

   To make something stronger.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

for want of a...

Day 285

"A little neglect may breed mischief: 
for want of a nail the shoe was lost; 
for want of a shoe the horse was lost; 
for want of a horse the rider was lost. 
For want of a rider the battle was lost. 
~Benjamin Franklin~

Friday, October 12, 2012

Die or be Free

Day 184

"Nevertheless, to the persecution and tyranny of his cruel ministry we will not tamely submit -- appealing to Heaven for the justice of our cause, we determine to die or be free."
~Dr. Joseph Warren~




Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's truly Fall!

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Struggled for Liberty

Day 183


"Or situation is truly delicate and critical. On the one hand we are in need of a strong federal government founded on principles that will support the prosperity & union of the colonies. on the other we have struggled for liberty & made costly sacrifices at her shrine and there are still many among us who revere her name to much to relinquish (beyond a certain medium) the rights of man for the dignity of government." 

~Mercy Otis Warren~ 

I really like the quotation. It is a good example of what so many must have been thinking in the first years after the War for Independence was won. They had just secured their liberty and with the proposal of a new constitution they saw that liberty threatened to be taken away.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More every picture!

Five Kids!

Seven Kids!

Eight Kids!!!

Well Bye,

I consider...

Day 182

"I consider the doctrines of Jesus as delivered by himself to contain the outlines of the sublimest system of morality that has ever been taught but I hold in the most profound detestation and execration the corruptions of it which have been invented..."

~Thomas Jefferson~

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I love them so much!!!

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Day 281

"Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof."

~Leviticus 25:10~
Inscribed on The Liberty Bell




Monday, October 8, 2012

the basis of any government

Day 280

“No truth is more evident to my mind than that the Christian religion must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people.”

~Noah Webster~ 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A fine thing

Day 279

“Well, knowledge is a fine thing, and mother Eve thought so; but she smarted so severely for hers, that most of her daughters have been afraid of it since.”

~Abigail Adams~




Saturday, October 6, 2012

Just enough

Day 278

"May your life be filled with just enough challenge for you to demonstrate your character!"

~Patrick Henry~

Friday, October 5, 2012

Truth can stand...

Day 277

"It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself." 

~Thomas Jefferson~

Thursday, October 4, 2012

too soon/too late

Day 276

"Life's tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late." 

~Benjamin Franklin~

It's own accord

"Some people seem to think that I began by asking myself how I could say something about Christianity to children; then fixed on the fairy tale as an instrument; then collected information about child-psychology and decided what age group I'd write for; then drew up a list of basic Christian truths and hammered out "allegories" to embody them. This is all pure moonshine. I couldn't write in that way at all. Everything began with images; a faun carrying an umbrella, a queen on a sledge, a magnificent lion. At first there wasn't anything Christian about them; that element pushed itself in of its own accord." 

~C.S. Lewis~  




This was just something I found while reading a book called 'finding God in the land of Narnia' and liked it. 


Well Bye, 


Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Day 275

“The Constitution shall never be construed… to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.”
~Samuel Adams~

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A well adjusted person...

Day 274

“A well adjusted person is one who makes the same mistake twice without getting nervous.”
~Alexander Hamilton~




Fun all day long

Guess which are real and witch are fake?

Who new fish were so funny?
A little hide and seek around the jellyfish.

Look Mom! No hands!

Lots of fun and lot's of laughs. I'll post the rest of the pictures later.

Well Bye,

Monday, October 1, 2012

the good and the great man

Day 273

“Adversity toughens manhood, and the characteristic of the good and the great man, is not that he has been exempted from the evils of life, but that he has surmounted them.”
~Patrick Henry~
In a letter to a young friend having business problems