Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm impressed

Benjamin Rush Could speak Latin, Greek, German, French and a little of Spanish and Italian.
I know I'm impressed. I'm not much good at different languages.

I was thinking the other day about all the things Benjamin Rush could say and no one would know what he was saying. Benjamin Rush was also a Dr. so that could have come in handy....

"Usted tiene una enfermedad incurable."

"You have an incurable disease. "

"Ich habe keine Ahnung, was mit Ihnen falsch ist."

"I have no idea what is wrong with you."

"C'est quelque chose que je n'ai avant jamais vue."

"This is something I've never seen before."

"Il mio consiglio รจ di vivere come stavate morendo."

"My advice is to live like you were dying."

"¡Espero esto no sea lo que pienso que es!"

"I hope this is not what I think it is!" 

I had a little free time and see what came out of it!
Maybe next time I'll just read another book. Books are awesome! I just had to put that in there. I'm addicted to books but I'm a really slow reader so I'm still at the point were I can talk about a every book I liked/loved for weeks afterward. (Or mouths. Or years.)
If I read any more than I did I wouldn't be able to tell everyone about ever good book I read.

Anyway this is not what I started out talking about so I guess I should just stop.
Still I think I might learn some phrases in strange languages just so I can say things and then say 'Oh don't you know what that means? Well of course you don't it's in German.'
O.K. I need to go because this is silly.

Well Bye,

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I've always liked Tigger! If I had turned out to be Eeyore or Piglet I would not have posted about it.
(Sorry to all the Eeyores and Piglets out there) Hey! at least Eeyore and Piglet got names; unlike Owl, Rabbit and Gopher. 

Jessica said I'm a lot like Rabbit too and I sighed with relief when I didn't come out as him! I like Rabbit and all but what do you think of when you think of Rabbit? The grouchy one who's not any fun.

Anyway I'm glad I turned out to be Tigger. He's funny and plus I found a picture of him with a soccer ball which is awesome!

Which Pooh Bear Charcter are you?


Hyper Active- Tigger is extremely hyper active with a lot energy. Tigger is very up beat and wanting to go. Always ready for the next adventure.

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Well Bye,

Monday, April 22, 2013

You Are God Alone

"You Are God Alone"

You are not a god

Created by human hands

You are not a god

Dependent on any mortal man

You are not a god

In need of anything we can give

By Your plan, that's just the way it is


You are God alone

From before time began

You were on Your throne

Your are God alone

And right now

In the good times and bad

You are on Your throne

You are God alone

You're the only God

Whose power none can contend

You're the only God

Whose name and praise will never end

You're the only God

Who's worthy of everything we can give

You are God

And that's just the way it is

Well Bye,

Monday, April 15, 2013

Top Secret!

I don't know if you caught on to this yet, but, I really really like the 17 hundreds.
I liked this picture a lot more than you probably will, but I still had to post it.

I like to think about the fact that the men who wrote the Constitution of the U.S. were just people too. Just because they graduated from college by the time kids now a days finish high school doesn't mean they weren't human.

I think the picture is  kinda cute. Not the guard of course. (I don't like guys with long hair) but the little boy and girl are really cute. Her head is like the size of the doorknob (in case you didn't notice).

Oh and by the way you might understand the picture better if you knew that it is during the Constitutional Convention and that all the members of the Convention were not allowed to tell anyone about what was going on inside the room.

It worked too. No one told. I would think with that many people, someone would have told something, and it would have spread. But maybe people kept their mouths shut better back then. I couldn't have stayed quiet that long I don't think. I would have had to tell people what I thought of the new Constitution. 

Well bey,

Saturday, April 13, 2013


A picture.
Another picture.

This is a picture

I call this a picture.

A picture of Emily

Oh! look another picture.

Can you tell I don't know what to write.

I picture of a chicken.

I picture of us.

A bad picture of me.

The last picture. 

I hope you LOVED the post! 

Well Bye, 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Let them be your friends

“If you cannot read all your books, at any rate handle, or as it were, fondle them—peer into them, let them fall open where they will, read from the first sentence that arrests the eye, set them back on the shelves with your own hands, arrange them on your own plan so that you at least know where they are. Let them be your friends; let them be your acquaintances.”  
Winston Churchill

And when you can't do a blog post, at any rate steel something someone else said and post that instead. *Smile* 

Well Bye,