Monday, April 15, 2013

Top Secret!

I don't know if you caught on to this yet, but, I really really like the 17 hundreds.
I liked this picture a lot more than you probably will, but I still had to post it.

I like to think about the fact that the men who wrote the Constitution of the U.S. were just people too. Just because they graduated from college by the time kids now a days finish high school doesn't mean they weren't human.

I think the picture is  kinda cute. Not the guard of course. (I don't like guys with long hair) but the little boy and girl are really cute. Her head is like the size of the doorknob (in case you didn't notice).

Oh and by the way you might understand the picture better if you knew that it is during the Constitutional Convention and that all the members of the Convention were not allowed to tell anyone about what was going on inside the room.

It worked too. No one told. I would think with that many people, someone would have told something, and it would have spread. But maybe people kept their mouths shut better back then. I couldn't have stayed quiet that long I don't think. I would have had to tell people what I thought of the new Constitution. 

Well bey,

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