Friday, October 29, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A beautiful surprise

I love mums and the other day I was wishing we still had some. (Ours died in the drought.)

They where always so bright and cheerful and I missed them.

And then then Daddy brought home a surprise on Monday, a lot of beautiful mums.

It was so much fun, and know Mommy is busy putting them all over the yard.
They are soo beautiful!!!

Well bye,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Black and White Pictures!

I did these in backwards-birth-order this time because I uploaded them that way and did not want to try to change it.

Riley is vary photogenic. (by the way I spelled that right on the first try.)


I think this is such a cut picture it looks like it could be a panting.

Jamie, and I don't really know what to say.

Ryan in his costume for Dear Father I had a hard time getting him to were those socks but I think they made his costume perfect.

Emily and I don't know what to say so you come up with something interesting.

Erin. I think this is a really cute picture and I love it when Erin wears that hat.

That is a bunny that I am holding and it was the cutest little bunny ever!

Jess. I think this is a one of our birthdays but I don't know whose.

Well that is everyone. Hope you like the pictures.

Well bye,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Home Is Where The Heart Is...

And My heart is here!

I love our home and even though I would like to get a farm someday I love it here and these flowers are one of the reasons.
I wait for the fall and for these flowers every year and I get so excited when the finely bloom!

I think I live in the best house because I live in the best family,
and home really is were the heart is!

Well bye,

Sunday, October 10, 2010

OK guess what my favorite color is.

This is the best color!

This is my water bottle (in case you couldn't tell).

This is a flower.(I don't now what kind.)

This is Elly.(She is a movie star.)

These are clothes hangers. (I only hang jackets on these because you can zip they up all the way and they don't fall off.)

These are erasers. (I love erasers there so soft.)

these are the best socks in the whole world. And they were given to me by the best... well she's my dad's, brother's, wife's, mom. She's really nice.

Aren't these cute they are hair clips.

These are ribbons. (I love ribbon.)

These are my note books for school. (I love American History.)

And last but not least this is my bed. I love my bed too. (I made the quilt but I haven't put batting on it so I just put it on over another quilt.)
I love Purple!

Well bye,


Saturday, October 9, 2010


This is not meant to be mean and I do not mean anything by it, but mommy read it to us the other day and we thought it was funny.
So if God has not blessed you with a Apple do not be offended by this and just laugh at it to.

Apple Products Don’t Tempt You to Anger and Despair
You’ve been working on an important presentation for the last hour, furiously typing away on your PC. Suddenly, without any provocation from you, a mysterious error message appears on the screen. Due to you pressing the enter key too many times, your computer must now shutdown and erase all the work you’ve done over the last hour. You want to scream. Then you do. You momentarily contemplate hurling your laptop out the window. You’re angry at the world, then at your computer, then at Bill Gates. Then you sink into a pit of despair as you realize that you must recreate what you just lost.
Apple helps you flee from temptation.
Apple Products Are An Evangelism Tool
You’re sitting in a coffee shop, sipping on a latte, when you see a hip looking guy a few tables over reading a Bible and writing in a Moleskine journal. You can tell that he’s puzzled, and you ask him if he understands what he’s reading. “No I don’t,” he says. “Can you help me?” You grab your backpack and sit down at his table. He tells you that he’s reading in John 1, and you say that you’ll pull it up on your Bible software. You pull out your Dell laptop and place it on the table in front of you. The hip guy looks at you, then looks at your computer, then says, “You know what, I think I’ll just keep reading myself. Thanks.”
Apple helps you be missional.
Apple Products Reflect God’s Creativity
Take a moment and look at that HP laptop sitting on your desk. What words come to mind? Behemoth? Clunky? The size of battleship? A clear result of God’s curse upon humanity? Uglier than a wookie? Now look at your iPod. Sleek. Beautiful. Possibly unaffected by the fall.
Apple helps you see God’s creativity.
Apple Products Give You More Time For Prayer
How do Christian PC users spend approximately two-thirds of their days? Booting and rebooting their computers. They would pray but their prayer list was on their computer, which just locked up. And caught fire. Time to reboot.
Apple furthers your devotional life.
Apple Products Are Biblical
Let me connect the dots for you. How did Eve sin? She ate fruit. What is Apple’s logo? An apple with a bite out of it. Coincidence? I think not. Clearly, Apple is seeking to do some culture making and restore what was lost in the fall. They are redeeming the apple.
Are you seeing my point? If you want to grow, go get an Apple product.
Do any PC users care to defend themselves? Do any Apple users want to add to the list?

Well bye,

You can laugh because it is all a joke.
And I did not write it (if you could not tell).

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hold on tight!

Michael is so cute and I love to swing with him. He will run up to me and say "Rachel (he only recently has begun to call me by my given name, before it was "chee-chol" he is so cute.)

Anyway "Rachel swing peas" and what can I do, but swing him? (even if my legs do feel like the circulation will never return after ten minutes.) So we go swing and he says "fast, fast" and we talk and talk.

Then one day I made the mistake of turning up-side-down one time and he loved it. He holds on really tight and he giggles so much and we have a lot of fun. (Which he also says when he trying to convince me to do something, he says "Fun Rachel.")

Well bye,

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I love black and white pictures so here are some in birth order of all my siblings and me.

Jess doing what she loves, directing all of her crazy siblings in "Dear Father".

Rachel(Me) in one of my first dresses that I made.

Erin baby-sitting Riley for me.(She pretends not to like him, but she really does)

Emily is in this picture, but she's asleep so you don't notice her.

Ryan with one of the dogs we had for a week - I think that one is Caspian.

Jamie in her long skirt and boots this is such a cute picture!

This is Sarah (princess cutey-pie).

This was taken by someone at our church. Michael is soooo cute.

Two very fun things to play with, Riley (he is sooo cute to) and a soccer ball.

Well bye,