Sunday, October 10, 2010

OK guess what my favorite color is.

This is the best color!

This is my water bottle (in case you couldn't tell).

This is a flower.(I don't now what kind.)

This is Elly.(She is a movie star.)

These are clothes hangers. (I only hang jackets on these because you can zip they up all the way and they don't fall off.)

These are erasers. (I love erasers there so soft.)

these are the best socks in the whole world. And they were given to me by the best... well she's my dad's, brother's, wife's, mom. She's really nice.

Aren't these cute they are hair clips.

These are ribbons. (I love ribbon.)

These are my note books for school. (I love American History.)

And last but not least this is my bed. I love my bed too. (I made the quilt but I haven't put batting on it so I just put it on over another quilt.)
I love Purple!

Well bye,