Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I love black and white pictures so here are some in birth order of all my siblings and me.

Jess doing what she loves, directing all of her crazy siblings in "Dear Father".

Rachel(Me) in one of my first dresses that I made.

Erin baby-sitting Riley for me.(She pretends not to like him, but she really does)

Emily is in this picture, but she's asleep so you don't notice her.

Ryan with one of the dogs we had for a week - I think that one is Caspian.

Jamie in her long skirt and boots this is such a cute picture!

This is Sarah (princess cutey-pie).

This was taken by someone at our church. Michael is soooo cute.

Two very fun things to play with, Riley (he is sooo cute to) and a soccer ball.

Well bye,

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