Monday, September 6, 2010


I love playing soccer, and I know a lot of little people that love it too. Some are these very sweet little girls!
Yesterday we had a picnic out on our front porch. When we were about to start eating, some friends of ours came to see our neighbor's house. The little girls ended up playing soccer with my little sisters and Ryan. It was a lot of fun to sit on the front porch and watch all of them play. It was Ryan against every one else, and it was hilarious. When they finished that game, Caleb Philips came over and played too and that's when I took the pictures so..

Their beginning the game

Rebekah and Grace running as fast as they could

Caleb counseling some of his team

Sarah kicking the ball as hard as she could.

Jamie and Ryan going for the ball (both of them are competitive)

Amy doing a better throw-in than I can do. Elizabeth, Amy, and Sarah three very good goalies.
Grace was playing the game, but was not afraid to stop and have her picture taken.
Rebekah was very good at the whole game and was always in the middle of it all.

Hannah was probably the happiest player out there and always cheering.

Well that was the whole team so now you know we are never too busy to have someone stop by and play soccer - no matter what the age!

Well bye

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