Thursday, August 26, 2010


It is that time of year and I (and many other members of my family) are ready to go camping again here are ten of the reasons I love camping.

  1. I like staying up late the night before leaving helping Daddy and Ryan load the trailer. (Everyone else is helping inside.)
  2. I like getting to sleep in the car for the whole trip down there.
  3. I like getting there and setting up and making my bed on the floor of the tent.
  4. I like it that Daddy washes all the dishes for us in the dark while we all just stand there and talk and watch him work.
  5. I like getting to sit by the fire and just talk and have fun.
  6. I like getting to sleep in my clothes all night.
  7. I LOVE being really cold all night! (That's one of my favorites, Really)
  8. I like being outside when I wake up.
  9. I love eating every meal outside.
  10. And I love all the fun thing for the rest of the day!
But you have to go in September or later and it helps if you go in the Smoky Mountain National Park where there is lots of water.

Well anyway, I'm ready to go camping


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