Thursday, August 26, 2010

History, It's fun!

If you don't love American history ( especially the American Revolution.) and if you are a American and don't love it - to than you are studying it wrong.

Two years ago I did not like history and I knew next to nothing about American history,

Than believe it or not I watched the first National Treasure movie and I thought it was so cool that he knew all that stuff just off the top of his head about all that history.

So I started reading, than we bought the Sonlight curriculum for out school year and I found out you can read book for fun and still get a lot of history out of them.

Then I started sewing costumes and now American History is my favorite subject in school.
So my advice if you don't like American History is try it a different way and learn to love it.

Well bye

Now I know about all the stuff they talk about in National Treasure and I'm not reading a script.

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Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

I'm getting my BA in History right now. :)