Friday, September 10, 2010

Waiting for the UPS man

We all have our days up to Sarah (I guess Jessica will have to give up her day when Michael gets older). On our days we get to make breakfast, pick the movie if we watch one, and some more stuff. One of our favorites is we get to get the mail and as you know the mail does not come on Sunday (Sarah's day) so she gets to get all the UPS packages and Michael sometimes gets to help her.
But any way Sarah made friends with the UPS man and he calls her "little bare foot girl" so the other day we called her down when we saw the truck coming and she ran downstairs, the stopped at the front door and said "OK is my hair fixed? Do I have a skirt on? Are my shoes off?" Then after that she ran out side.

Well anyway, these are not pictures from that time! But they are really cute.

Well bye,

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