Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our first day of filming went very well!

Our first day of filming went very well, even for all the cold feet and freezing hands we got a good deal filmed and we had a lot of fun.

Jamie looking very cold but just as cute as ever.

Sarah, in her big scene for the movie. (She did a wonderful job!)

Ryan didn't even try to look warm for the picture.

Sarah and Jamie are twins in the movie. Try to guess which one this is!

Erin was out there for the whole time even though we only needed her in one scene.

Jamie and I where both very cold especially our feet so I held Jamie and we tried to keep each other warm.

And Jess filming and also playing the role of ??? okay well I don't now her name but I will go find out and tell you next time I post about the movie.

Well Bye,

P.S. I learned how to do that ™ thing isn't it neat?