Saturday, February 26, 2011

A very fun day

This is the trip to American Village I said I would write about.

Erin demonstrating one of the ways to punish someone.

Sarah standing on her toes. It would be hard to stay that way for very long.

The landscape was beautiful and later I will post more photos of just that.

This is what they would do to you if you stole or anything like that, they would put you in one of those things for 5 hours with your ears nailed to the board and a T was branded or your cheek for every one to know you are a thief.

Sarah in the church we went in. It was very neat.
I would not have wanted to be one of the people that had to sit way back in the little hidden places were you could not see.

It you've ever watched National Treasure you must know that this desk is very exciting. We all got down on our backs and checked for secret drawers(there were not any).

We all went out of the "Lexington bridge" it was very pretty!

Well be,

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