Thursday, April 14, 2011

✯ George Washington's Rules ✯

Yesterday I was reading George Washington's "Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation." and here are some that I liked.
(I did not do all of them but they are all very good and if you haven't read them you really should so many of them still apply in like today!)
Also so many of them we no longer think of as important, like number 10 (that I do all the time).
Well hope you like them and here are the rest if you care to read.

2 When in company, put not your hands to any part of the body not usually discovered.

6 Sleep not when others speak; sit not when others stand; speak not when you should hold your peace; walk not on when others stop.

7 Put not off your clothes in the presence of others, nor go out your chamber half dressed.

10 When you sit down, keep your feet firm and even; without putting one on the other or crossing them.

38 In visiting the sick, do not presently play the physician if you be not knowing therein.

40 Strive not with your superior in argument, but always submit your argument to others with modesty.

53 Run not in the streets, neither go too slowly, nor with mouth open; go not shaking of arms, nor upon the toes, nor in a dancing [damaged manuscript].

65 Speak not injurious words neither in jest nor earnest; scoff at none although they give occasion.

73 Think before you speak; pronounce not imperfectly, nor bring out your words too hastily, but orderly and distinctly.

74 When another speaks, be attentive yourself; and disturb not the audience. If any hesitate in his words, help him not nor prompt him without desired; interrupt him not, nor answer him till his speech has ended.

82 Undertake not what you cannot perform but be careful to keep your promise.

89 Speak not evil of the absent, for it is unjust.

91 Make no show of taking great delight in your the table; neither find great delight in your victuals; feed not with greediness; eat your bread with a knife; lean not on the table; neither find fault with what you eat.

100 Cleanse not your teeth with the tablecloth, napkin, fork, or knife; but if others do it, let it be done without a peep to them.

109 Let your recreations be manful not sinful.

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mandolinpickerjon said...

I'm afraid I don't cut my bread with a knife. That's just weird.

mandolinpickerjon said...

How about, tho shoudnst talk like this because tis hard to understand what tho art saying.

Jonine said...

LoL. :)