Friday, May 11, 2012

Defense Of The American Cause

 Day 132

My Dearest
I am now set down to write you on a subject which fills me with inexpressible concern, and this concern is greatly aggravated and increased when I reflect upon the uneasiness I know it will cause you. It has been determined in Congress that the whole army raised for the defense of the American cause shall be put under my care, and that it is necessary for me to proceed immediately to Boston to take command of it.
You may believe me, my dear Patsy, when I assure you, in the most solemn manner, that so far from seeking this appointment, I have used every endeavor in my power to avoid it, not only from my unwillingness to part with you and the family but from a consciousness f its being a trust too great for my capacity, and that I should enjoy more real happiness in one mouth with you at home than I have the most distant prospect of finding a broad, if my stay were to be seven times seven years. But as it has been a kind of destiny it is designed to answer some gook purpose…
It was utterly out of my power to refuse this appointment without exposing my character to such censures as would have reflected dishonor on myself and given pain to my friends. This, I am sure, could not and ought not to be pleasing to you and must have lessened me considerably in my own esteem. I shall rely, therefore, confidently on that providence which has heretofore preserved and been bountiful to me, not doubting but that I shall return safe to you in the fall.

~George Washington to Martha Washington ~

Well Bye, 

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