Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Best Legend of Taps

There are many legends of Taps, a tune that appeared after the Seven Days' Battle. I thought I would tell you about my favorite of the legends.
There once was a man with a son whom he loved very much. The son loved music, so the man sent him son to study music in the South. When the war between the states began the man joined the Union army and,  to his dismay, his son joined the Confederate army.
During the Battle of Seven Days', the man heard loud, sad moaning from a soldier on the battle field. He risked his life to get to the soldier. When he finally reached the man, dressed in a dirty gray uniform, it was too late too save him. As the man looked at the young confederate's face, he realized it was his son.
In one of his son's pockets, the man found a worn piece of paper with music notes written on it. At his son's burial, he had the bugler play the notes.
The notes were so beautiful that everyone remembered them afterward. Today we call the beautiful notes 'Taps'.

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