Monday, June 24, 2013


I really like to outline stories; I've read a lot of books on outlining books and movies work almost the same way. All that to say Jess was doing a presentation on movie making and I offered to write a quick outline for her to use as an example. I wrote the outline from the movie Tangle and I thought I would put it on here for y'all to see. (Even though most people probably have no interest in this.)

Flynn shows up in her tower.
It's called a disturbance to the 'hero's world'; it marks the part when what ever was normal for the hero suddenly must change. In Tangled  this happens when Flynn arrives in the tower and turned out not to be as bad as Rapunzel has always been told the outside world would be.

She leaves the tower. 
A lot of times this part is called 'going through the first doorway'. It can also be called the first disaster but sometimes this sounds a little strong and is harder to get you mind around. (A doorway sounds more achievable  than a disaster.)
Her 'mother' finds them.
This point in the story is referred  to as the changing point. Up until now things could have gone back to the way they were before. But now the hero has a choice whether to continue with his/her mission(dream) or to return to the old life the way things where. (If they chose to "Give up on the whole endeavor" well, you end your story. So your story goal  has to be strong enough to keep your hero fighting.

Flynn gets caught and Rapunzel taken. 
This is also called a doorway. One that will close your story. This needs to be the worst thing that has happened so far.  It is supposed to 'commit' your hero to the end of the story. In Tangled it happens when Flynn is captured and sent to prison and Rapunzel goes back with her 'mother' to be locked in the tower. Now there is no way Flynn and Rapunzel will not fight for a better ending to their story. They have to try one last time, as hard as they can to reach there goal and there dreams.

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