Friday, November 1, 2013

Laughing for hours!

A very fun and crazy night with some of our very favorite friends! 

A camera and a lot of goofy kids!

We are now and I quote, "BESTIES!" 

Holly and Jamie were inseparable all night.

More fun in front of a camera. 

And we couldn't pretend to be serious for long. 

It was so so so much fun! 


Hannah Ashley said...

Aaaaaah! These are AMAZING! Thank y'all so much for having us over for the evening!!! Love you, bestie! See you tomorrow!

sage hill designs said...

I had a BLAST with you guys the other night!!! Y'all are awesome friends and we love you lots!!!

btw....what in the world was I doing in the smiling pic???

Anonymous said...

Hill, I think you were being charming! That's what I'll say anyway. :D

Love y'all!