Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter pictures!

It's been awhile since I posted last; I dint have anything to post about. Because who wants to here about what I've been doing in english, or how math is going? 
But I'm back now!! 

It's cold! Very very cold for here in AL! 
I, unlike Disney's new heroin, am quite effected by the cold!  

Sarah's bright smile. She loves the snow and gets excited at the moment she sees flakes beginning to fall from the sky. 

They're crazy! I love them bunches and bunches!! What would I do without these faces? 

A snow is never quite over until we get to share the fun with our neighbors, who are actually more like our siblings now that we've know them for so long! 

Anyway, those are some winter pictures for y'all to see what's been going on. Hope y'all like them. I have been doing other fun thing besides freezing, but for some reason in the midst if the fun we forget that we even have a camera! :) 

Well bye,

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