Monday, May 12, 2014

all of them!?

Michael comes to me. 
"What is it little man?" 
"Remind me again who all the presidents are?" 
I am hit with more than a little surprise. He is challenging me here and I am going to be hard pressed to admit to my five year old brother, who believes in my presidential expertise so whole heartedly, that I am stumped.
"Remind you?" I say. 
"Yes, I know George Washington. Who are the rest?" 
I think of the poster we have of the presidents and all those, seemingly hundreds, of faces. 
I glance around, with hopes of seeing the names of these men magically written where I can read them, and I notice that Michael has four lego men in his little hands. 
And it clicks! 
"Oh, you mean who is on the Mountain?" I say. -That's Mount Rushmore for all you who are not as swift as I in the mental take off. ;)
"Yes," he says. 
"Well, There is Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson." 
"Abraham Lincoln! That's the one." 
He goes away happy. I go away relieved that a five year olds view of all the presidents consists only of the four men who have their faces carved into a rock face in the middle of no where! 

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Elanee said...

Too cute:) that reminds me of something my brother did when he was younger. He heard about the states of matter, and thought that liquid, and solid, were part of the states in America:)