Friday, December 3, 2010

Always An Adventure!!!

For as long as I can remember, we have gone to a tree farm the day after thanksgiving, and cut down a Christmas tree.

But this year we watched the Auburn/Alabama football game,
(War Eagle!!!)

So we went to the tree farm the next day. We decided to tried a new farm and drove and drove and drove, when we finally got there we began to look around and to say things like "Where are all the cheap trees?" (all the trees where the really nice kind.)

So after looking for a while we road the wagon thing back to the car and loaded up.
Then came trying to get out of the "parking lot" (we had the trailer). But Daddy was able to do it and we were back on the road.
After a while Daddy pulled over and we had a vote we could either go to another tree farm and as Daddy said "I don't know when we might get back home" or we could go Lowes; something that most of us could not imagine doing.

Well the vote was for Lowes, so that we could put up the tree that night, so that's where we went and even though it was not the same, everything we do in our house is so much fun and we laugh so much that it really doesn't matter what is is.

Well bye,

The tree looks even better in real life!

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