Thursday, November 10, 2011

This is a very big day!

And it's also my birthday, just so you know.

Well and it's Erin's birthday! But we like to kid each other about it being our birthday, but really we both love sharing our birthday because it makes it twice as much fun.

I could not imagine life without my twin. Now I know that sounds kind of obvious, but it's so true.
What would I do if I could just listen to the tape I wanted to listen to and not have to trade off listening to Erin's music too? Well I don't think I would love music like I do if it had not been for Erin. I would probably be more selfish, too.

Our room would also probably be a lot messier it it were not for Erin.
She lets me know when I need to get my stuff of the floor; and just to get back at her, I let her know when she needs to get her stuff of the floor, and together the room stays fairly clean.

Some people have asked if we get along well and the answer is always, "Yes." The main reason is that if we do start to argue about something, we get each other tickled. By the end of the argument, we are laughing really hard, and we forgot what we were arguing about in the first place.

Happy Birthday Erin!
I love you!

You are all probably wondering why I did half of the words in purple and the other half in green well the answer is, I don't know I just did it for fun.

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Green Gardening Girl said...

I'm so touched.
Happy B'day to you too.