Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Jess!

I can't believe it! Can you? I didn't tell Jessica happy birthday on my blog.
Eighteen and not even a picture!
Well, now I will try to make up for it by telling her how she is just the best eighteen year old sister ever! (Erin's my best fifteen year old sister; Emily's my best fourteen year old sister; and so on.)

I will also tell her about how sweet she is to let me talk non stop to her (even though some times I wonder if she is actually listening. Hmm... I'll have to talk to her about that one.☺)

I will also tell her about what a good horse she has been all these years. Yes I did say horse. Jessica has always loved playing horses, though it has been a while since the last time I saw her one her hands and knees with one of her younger siblings on her back holding on to she hair and telling her to "giddy~up" and "go faster." She was such a good horse. (long sigh.)

And I will also tell her how fun it is to tell her a story because she is such a good listener and will laugh at you no matter if it was funny or not.

I love you Jess. Thanks for being such a sweet older sister.
Love, Rach!

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