Friday, July 6, 2012

John Paul Jones

Day 188

To day is John Paul Jones Birthday.

~About John Paul Jones~
Form Benjamin Rush’s Sketches
“He united in his military character the boldness which is produced by madness, the bravery which is the effect of animal spirits, and the courage which is the result of reflection. He once put into my hands a history of his naval exploits. He exulted in it in having first hoisted the American flag on board the first armed vessel that was commissioned by the United States. I heard him give a minute account of his engagement with the Serapis in a small circle of gentlemen at a dinner. It was delivered with great apparent modesty and commended the most respectful attention. Towards the close of the battle, while his deck was swimming in blood, the captain of the Serapis called him to strike. “No, Sir,” said he, “I will not, we have had but a small fight as yet.” He had been well educated in Scotland (his native country) and discovered style and taste both in writing and conversation. His countenance was strongly marked with thought. I know nothing of his private character.”

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