Monday, July 2, 2012

Princess Amy

Jamie is the princess in my movie I'm making (that's kinda obvious from the title).
She has been such a good sport about being out almost everyday in the heat and in that long dress.
Amy(Jamie) and her brother(Ryan) become king and queen of their land unexpectedly when their mother and father die (I don't know what they died of).
So this is Jamie at the graveside. Jamie is so cute because she has a really hard time NOT smiling. (It's a common problem in our family!)☺
Anyway I'm almost finished with the filming and then comes the part I don't like quiet so much: The editing. And finding the music. But it will be fun and I cant wait until it's interned in the film festival.

Well Bye,  


Lillian Marsh said...

I look forward to seeing ya`lls movies at the festival! Thanks for making our slideshow possible! Looks like we`ve got our side of it finished.I Look forward to spending Thursday night with our friends!


Green Gardening Girl said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your movie too! And can't wait to see you tonight!