Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Outsider

 Alexander Hamilton:The outsider

I really like American history so this was especially interesting to me but I think a lot of people would like it. (Or at least I like to think they would.) I’ve been trying to work out the whole Anti-federalist, Federalist, Democratic-Republican thing for a long time and this book really helped me. (If all that I just said made zero since than you might want to read this book.)
This was a simple but very well written book. I really enjoyed it.
This would be an excellent moment to tell my opinion of Mr. Hamilton but this is a book review not a political debate.

Jean Fritz is a really good author who has written many good biographies. She always makes you like the ‘hero’ of the book even if in another book you might not agree with what he did or might not like him.
Her description really well done and everything is really clear.
If you are going to be reading a book about the starting of American government this is a really good (and short which is always a good thing for me) book to read.
Or if you’re like me and just read history books for ‘fun’ than that is even better and you might to try this one out.

“The Outsider” is a short book but don’t scorn it because of it’s length, there is a lot of stuff in it that you probably don’t know.

Genres: Non-Fiction, United States history, United States Government, Biographies,

Copy right: 2010

Page count: 144 

Jean Fritz also writes young children’s biographies that are really cute. “Then What Happened Paul Revere”, “Where was Patrick Henry on the Twenty Ninth of May”, Why don’t you get a Horse Sam Adams?”, and “Cant You Make Them Behave King George” are some great ones.

And as a little side note, Erin and I always thought that Alexander Hamilton was the best looking face on any of our money. He looks as if he were trying not to smile at something. Just so you know. 

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