Thursday, July 18, 2013

I was supposed to do this awhile ago


Eden tagged me a long time ago and I never took the time to fill it out until now but here it is. 

Thanks Eden for tagging me! 

1.    Favorite person in history and why?
Well I like a lot of people in history but one of my vary favorite people is Patrick Henry. I really like him because of his love for liberty and the more I read about him the more he seemed like a fun type of person. 
I'll do a post some time of all the funny quotations I found of things people have said about him

2.   Favorite scents?
I like the smell of sharpies, coffee, leather, paint, swimming pools, lemon, pinetrees and brownies. 

3.   What is your favorite Bible chapter, verse, or passage and why?
I would be very hard pressed to find a favorite part of the bible, there are just so many good parts, but I really like 1 John 4:7-21. 
4.   Favorite season?
That would have to be fall. I love all the colors of fall; the way you can look out over the moutains in the fall and see trees of all diferent colors.   

5.    Genre of music?
Contemporaty Christian. I like songs from all different artists so if I tryed to get any more specific than that it would take all day to tell you about. 

6.   Favorite kinds of books? (i.e. fiction, history, etc.)
Acton/Adventure!!! I love the books that grab me from the very first sentence and I can't put them down until I'm completely done. (U.S. history books are pretty good too.)

7.   For travel, do you prefer driving, flying, or train?
I've never been flying or on a train but one day I'm going to one day!
8.   Middle name?
Wynne. You say it more like Win. I'm the only person I know of with that middle name so it's kind of fun and I really like the letter W so it's an awesome middle name. 

9.   Favorite style of shoes?
Well, I don't wear shoes much but when I do it's either flip-flops or running shoes. I have always wanted to wear Cowgirl boots because I like the cowboy/girl look but that's to much shoe for me so I just look at how cute everybody else looks in them. 

10. Ice cream or Mousse?
I love ice cream! It's my favorite dessert and of all the ice creams my favorite flavor is cookies and cream.  

11.Favorite color combinations?   
Purple and Brown. Or maybe Pink and Brown. Or maybe Blue and Brown. Or maybe Green and Brown.... I don't know something bright and cute. 

 The 11 questions to those I Award:
1. Do you like sunrise of sunset best?
2. What is your favorite time period in American History?
3. What is your favorite song for today?
4. What is your favorite Gospal Matthew, Mark, Luke or John?
5. Do you like being tagged? 
6. Who is your favorite hero/heroine from a fiction book?
7. If you had to go into hiding what would you change your name too? 
8.If you were a book what kind of book would you be? (Fantasy, action, mystery...
9. If you had ten minutes of 'free' time what would you do? 
10. If you were to write a fiction book what kind of story would it be? (Adventure, mystery, fantasy....) 
11. Do you like to wear hats? 

Now I'm suposed to tag 11 people but there is no way you are going to get me to do that. Pluse I don't read that many people's blogs and that many people don't read my blog so it would really be pointless.  So I'm not tagging anyone but if you want to do this incredible, amazing tag then feel free! 😏

Award Rules:
1. You must thank the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the 11 questions posed by your nominator
3. Pass on the award to 11 new recipients and make sure they know!
4. Post 11 new questions to your bloggers    


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