Wednesday, July 3, 2013

5 things that make Erin an Awesome twin!


Five things that make Erin an awesome twin. 

1. When I'm singing a song and Erin walks into the room I sing louder and she sings with me. 
2. When my part of the dresser is messy she doesn't do anything but clean off her side and make my side look really bad. (That's enough to make me clean it.) 
3. She wakes up during storms and shuts our windows so that the room doesn't get wet. (I just keep sleeping.) 
4. She understands me when I talk to her while I'm brushing my teeth. 
5. When I'm with Erin I laugh at things that aren't even funny. And she laughs too. 

People always ask me what it's like to be a twin. 
I usually respond with something like 'What's it like to not be a twin', but really it's a lot of fun. For me it's having my best friend around all the time. It's having a servant and a boss around all the time. It's having to decide whose turn it is to clean the bathroom and having someone else to get in trouble with when the music is too loud. 
We're completely different and yet so much alike. 
I love her and I know she loves me back! 


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Fun Family said...

Love you back!