Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pictures a should have posted ages ago! :)

A really great friend out ours and his family came over for his birthday! Emily is making cupcakes. 

Jacks! You nut! :) 

Ryan and Ashton have been best friends for about as long as I can remember so I have just adopted him as my brother!  :D 

Ryan and the birthday boy. Nice hair! Jacks wants to have hair as great as these two some day. 

Jamie and Alexa remind me so much of each other. They are both so beautiful and mature and sweet! 

It was a really, really fun night! I wish there were more birthdays in a year. 

Glad I finally got these up. (These are what made me smile today, because I remembered all the fun while I was posting them.)


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Ken Cindy Eden Strang said...

I love it when you post pictures! I so enjoy looking at them!

Fun times! :D