Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hardly anyone has herd of the Ride…

Jack Jouett

Jack Jouett’s Rike
Written by: Joy Hakim

Hardly anyone has heard of the Ride
Of big Jack Jouett through the countryside;
No poet told of his frantic flight
Through Virginia’s forest in the dark of night

The British were marching. they were heading west
Seeking one prize over all the rest:
It was the man who had make the king glower,
Virginia’s governor-WANTED-for London’s tower,

Big Jack. feather in his cap, cut by briars short of sleeps,
Had revers to cross and fences to leap,
Till he reined in his horse and came to a stop
At a house, Monticello, on a mountain top.

“Dragoons,” he warned “They’re coming, They’re real!”
The governor, at breakfast, finished his meal.
Then he mounted his horse and rode off and away
A minute later-that’s the truth, so they say-
The redcoats arrived; too late, and they know it,
Thomas Jefferson was gone, with thanks to-
Jack Jouett

Dragoons = A British soldier

It's deenitly not "Paul Reveres Ride" but I was find of good.

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