Friday, April 13, 2012

I am a...


I know you have all been wondering what instrument I was. Haven't you?
Well now you can know.
So now we have a Bassoon, a Piano and of course a Violin.

What Orchestral Instrument are You?
You embody the essence of being human. You are incredibly sympathetic to the full spectrum of emotions. You like to personally express your thoughts on what it means to be human; when you do, others listen because your voice is so compelling. You can be introspective as well as highly social. You work hard and you are committed to greatness. However, you can be so hard working that you often tend toward competition. Consequently, you can be very high strung. Sometimes being “second fiddle” is hard for you to accept – perhaps quite literally? – and while this can be a motivating force for self-improvement, it can often be quite damaging in your personal relationships. Some advice for you is this: every once and a while, take a step back (or a half-step down, as the case may be) from being so tightly wound and high strung. More relaxed, you can then be free to strengthen the warmth, vitality, and deep thought which are characteristic of your personality.
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So now you know what instrument I am, I don't know what that accomplished but it was kinda fun.

Well Bye,
®achel™ aka the Violin

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