Friday, January 4, 2013

The Homelanders!!!


  "Charlie West just woke up in someone else's nightmare."

These books are AWESOMELY AMAZING! 

The Homelanders by Andrew Kalavan





I still cant believe how much I liked these book. 
They are in first person with Charlie West, an eighteen year old all American boy, as the narrator. Andrew Klavan did an amazing job; the books really seem like they were written by a teenage boy.
I laughed so much while I was reading these books because all the goes through and he is still keeping the character of a teenager. I can see Charlie telling the story the whole time.
Erin, Jessica and I stood in the kitchen the other day while we were supposed to be cleaning and resisted lines form these books; laughed so hard my stomach hurt. And I'm smiling right now while I think about them. 
But in spite of the funny parts they are really intense. The best books are the ones that keep you up way to long at night when you are supposed to get up at six the next morning and the Homelanders  did that for me. My knees shake when I get really nerviness or excited and my knees shock a lot through the Homelanders series. 
If you don't like Action/Adventure, or you don't like eighteen year old boys, or you don't like books modern day books then don't read them. My tastes, more than likely, are different than yours so just because I like them doesn't mean you will.
Now that we have that out in the open I'll go back to parsing my favorite books.    

Book 1 The Last thing I remember is awesome! It is the first book in 'The Homelanders' series. Charlie West wakes up strapped to a chair just in time to hear some guy give the order for his death. The Last thing Charlie remembers is an ordinary day with is friends as a 18 year old guy with a dream of joining the U.S. Air Force. He went to sleep in his own bead and woke up like this.

Book 2 The Long Way Home is the Second book in 'The Homelanders' series and is Epic! Charlie has the Police and a grope of Terrorists after him and he needs answers. Mainly what happened during the year of his life that he can't remember. So he heads home to three faithful friends, Beth Summers and and incredible Karate teacher. (This book is the funniest in the series!)

Book 3 The Truth of the Matter is the third book in 'The Homelanders' series. Charlie finds the man he needs to answer all his questions just before the man is killed. Charlie is surrounded by Terrorists and every time he tries to get away a memory flash knocks him out of things just long enough for hims to get deeper into trouble. This book is amazing and I loved every bit of it, especially the end. (The end is really sweet.)

Book 4 The Final Hour is the fourth and last book in 'The Homelanders' series. Charlie is stuck in Abingdon State Prison. All he wants is to get out and stay out. His memory is finally back and he knows he has to get out and get to New York before... Well I cant tell you! You have to read it for yourself.

The Characters in these books are incredible. Beth Summers is really sweet and I understand why Charlie likes her. Mike is really cool and is always the good guy for everything. Josh, Rick and Miler are soooo funny that when ever I need a good laugh I read the parts with them. And of coarse Charlie is AWESOME!

Any way I think you are starting to get the picture that I really like these books! So I'll let you go now and read them.

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