Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Smiles and hugs!! Fun with friends!!

Best. Friends. Ever. !!! 

I meant to post these pictures a long time ago but never got to it. Photo credit to Hannah H.!! Thanks Hannah.

A pause in the moments of craziness. Don't be fooled by the calm smiles. ;) 

The night for catching people making funny/cute/silly faces.

It was Jamie's birthday and Ashton drew a picture of Flynn and Rapunzel. It's incredible.

My new lock screan picture! 

The matching was unintentional. :) 

Michael and his two best friends. He told us they were going to be in his wedding some days. Precious!! 

Hannah H. took a lot of these pictures (all the really good ones!). Thank you so much Hannah for capturing moments the rest of us forget to capture at the time and wish we had later. 

These were wonderful days with the best friends in all the world! 
I love y'all!!


Eden said...

I loved looking at those! I esp. loved the random fist in the guy picture... ;)

Hannah Ashley said...

ah! you caught me with my mouth open, rach! *LOVE* this post! y'all take pretty amazing pictures too!!!


Beth Anne said...

Aww!!! Awesome times! Thanks, Rach! Love this post!

Love you back! ;)

Chris said...

Fun times!