Monday, March 31, 2014



I was going to just stick this on here and leave it but than I thought maybe I should add a little. Like, why does it have to be so true? It makes me want to smile and frown at the same time. 

I have noticed in the passed what a hard time I have giving a compliment, a hug, a thank you, and sometimes even saying happy birthday. Is it just me?! 

I thinks it's because it is just so hard to be rejected when you try so hard to give something. It takes a long time to get the words out and then sometimes they are laughed at, or tuned out while the other person (who seems to be having and equily hard time just saying thanks) shoves off the compliment or what ever it was you gave. 

I am amazed at the time I have getting a compliment out of my mouth when criticism comes out so easily! I usally like to say something nice as I pass by on my way into another room so I wan't have to be around for their reaction. I know it's awful!  

And don't even get me started on giving hugs! The does he/she want one question bugs me until, most of the time, I just end up not getting a hug at all. 

There's this song I really like and it has a line in it that says:  "When I get where I'm going.... I will love and have no fear", I think it kinda sums it up. I'm not talking about sweetheart, fall in love, sort of love; I'm just talking about the best friends, the people who you couldn't go through life without, the ones who's can hurt you the worst because you look up to them. Really far up! 


BTW I'm trying to get pictures up on here soon. We've had some really fun days and lots of great pictures but I just haven't gotten the chance to get them on here. 

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