Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Things a like! A lot of them anyway.

So, I'm siting in bed waiting for this fever -that some sweet, little, innocent kid probably gave- to die!  

But while I sit here I have a few minutes. (It's running time right now and obviusly....) And with a few free minutes there are a lot of things you can do! How about come up with.... I don't know, let's say 42, things I really like! (I don't know where I got the 42. It's probably not even close.) 

Here they are! 

-Good hugs (I'm not going to define good because that's imposible. They're just good!)  

-Waves (the hand kind. Though the water kind are great too!) 

-Smiles! The kind that reach the eyes. 

-Sticking my head out he car window. (While he car is moving; preferably at a good speed so it messes up your hair.) :)   

-Sharp pencils. (Have you ever smelled them? Really good) 


-Apples with peanut-butter 

-High swings! I want to scream thinking about it. :) 

-Brown eyes! 

-Puple (the color, not eyes!) 

-Blue (also the color but the eyes are beautiful too) 

-Sweet songs that make you smile 


-Stacks of new paper 

-Leters addressed to me. :P 

-Sunsets!! (The best time of day! For sure.) 

-Running shoes

-A good win. Ok, and a good lose. (Soccer and Othello!) 


-Popping bubble-wrap 

-Laughing until my sides hurt! 

-Swimming-pools (well actually any big thing of water could make me happy) 

-Pictures of wonderful days

-Excuses to yell!! 

-When I'm one of the few to get a jok. Yes it does happen! 

-A 'good job' from someone. Anyone! 

-Taking a running start and jumping into a lake! 

-Good hair days

-Weeds that come up by the roots 

-Writing a story; every sentence so as to make you see it, not just read it! 

-The feeling you get when you do something new and exciting for the first time. 

-Big, open fields

-The sound of someone sliding their fingers up the fretboard on a guitar. (E A D and G) 
-Dirty fingernails. (Makes you feel like you've done something) (Clean ones are great too.) 

-Sitting on the roof 

-Making someone smile! (Isn't that why I did this goofy post?) 

Alrigh I'm done! I don't know how many that is, but I bet you'll count just out of curiosity. ;D 

I resisted putting to much food or any clothes on the list bacause that could have taken some serious time!  

By the way, I hyphenated all the words that I think should be one word. I read somewhere that after two words are hyphenated long enough people start just writing them as one word. I'm trying to start 
something here! 

Well bye, 

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Fun Family said...

Awesome list! I love you!