Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On John Dickinson

Day 260 

About John Dickinson

Form Benjamin Rush’s Sketches

“Few men wrote, spoke and acted more for their country from the years 1764 to the establishment of the federal government than Mr. Dickinson. He was alike eloquent at the bar, in a popular assembly, and in convention. Count {Thomas Cajetan} Wengierski, a Polish nobleman who travelled thro’ the United States soon after the peace, said he was the most learned man he had met with in America. He possessed the air of a camp and the ease of the court in his manners. He was opposed to the Declaration of Independence at the time it took place, but concurred in supporting it. During the was and for some year after it, he admired and preferred the British constitution. Towards the close of his life he became a decided and zealous Republican.”

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