Monday, September 17, 2012

Don't ask why

Aren't they beautiful? I bet you don't know what they are! But they look good enough to eat. (I wouldn't suggest it though because I'm pretty sure that would be very bad.)
They were once teeny-tiny hard balls now they are small squishy balls that look very yummy in this picture. 
As you can see I really like the way the look. That is why I took a whole lot of pictures of them; (over half of witch turned out very blurry and I had to delete them.☹)  

I can just imagine a very little person playing in there and me not even knowing he was there. It's kind of a funny thought but I like it and I think I will keep thinking it. It reminded me of the balls they used to have at some fast food restraints in the playground thingy. I used to LOVE those things and know I think about how dirty it was and I tremble at the thought.    

Don't ask why I posted this; I guess was just having fun. 
I hope you like my fun pictures! My favorites balls, of course, are the purple one's! 

Well Bye, 

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