Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr.Paine!

Day 40

Thomas Paine

“Died at New York Thomas Paine, author of “Common Sense,” “Rights of Man,” “Age of Reason,” and many other political and deistical publications. I knew him well soon after his arrival in America in 1773, at which time he was unfriendly to the claims of America. He wrote “Common Sense” at my request. I gave it its name. He possessed a wonderful talent of writing to the tempers and feelings of the public. His compositions, though full of splendid and original imagery, were always adapted to the common capacities. He was intemperate and otherwise debauched in private life. His vanity appeared in everything he did or said. He once said he was at a loss to know whether he was made for the times or the times made for him. His “Age of Reason” probably perverted more persons from the Christian faith than any book that ever was written for the same purpose. Its extensive mischief was owing to the popular, perspicuous, and witty style in which it was written, and to its constant appeals to the feelings and tempers of his readers.”

~Form Benjamin Rush’s Sketches~
About Thomas Paine
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