Friday, February 17, 2012

A Spy Among Them

 Day 48

Rachel Revere
~Rachel Revere to Paul Revere~

My Dear,
by Dr. Church I send a hundred and twenty five pounds and beg you will take the best care of yourself and not attempt coning into this town again and if I have an opportunity of coming or sending out anything of any of the children I shall do it.
Love from your affectionate 
R. Revere


Paul Revere was made of leave Boston after the war began. His wife and eight kids joined him soon afterwords. This letter was written while his family was still in Boston and Paul was out.
Dr. Church was a member of the Sons of Liberty and was right up with the most well know men such as Samuel Adams, Dr. James Warren and Paul Revere. He was latter found to be a spy (had been from the very beginning).   He latter left in a boat and the boat was never seen again.

Well Bye,

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