Friday, February 24, 2012

Random thing!

Day 55

A farmer in our country, sent two of his servants to borrow [a harrow] of his neighbour, ordering them to bring it between them on their shoulders. When they came to look at it, one of them, who had much wit and cunning, said, “What could our master mean by sending only two men to bring this harrow? No two men upon earth are strong enough to carry it.” “Poh!” said the other, who was vain of his strenght, “what do you talk of two men? one may carry it. Help it upon my shoulders and see.” As he proceeded with it, the may kept esclaiming, “Zounds, how strong you are! I could not have though it, Why, you are a Samson! There is not such an other man in America. What amazing strangth God gas given you! But you will kill yourself! Pray put it down and rest a little of let me bear part of th weight.” “No, no,” said he, being more encouraged by the compliments, than oppressed by the burden; “you shall see I can carry it quite home.” And so he did.
~Benjamin Franklin~

 I don't know what good reading this will do you, but I am digging deep to find things to post, and in doing so I came up with this.

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