Friday, February 10, 2012

A little about Lafayette

Day 41

“The friendship with which he has honored me since I made his acquaintance, and that which I have vowed to him because of his personal qualities, oblige me to have that deference he enjoys here. He is a prodigy for his age; he is the model of valor, intelligence, judgment, good conduct, generosity, and zeal of the cause of Liberty for the continent. His wound is healing very well. He has just rejoined the army, so as not to miss any chances for glory and danger.”

  ~Baron de Kalb to Pierre de Saint-Paul~
About Marquis De Lafayette

 Lafayette was shot in the leg in the first battle he fought in in the American army (the battle of Brandywine) in September 1777 and rejoined the army in November of that same year. In December 1777 he went, with the rest of the Continental Army, to stay the winter in Valley Forge.

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