Thursday, February 23, 2012

We Have An Old Mother

Day 54

We Have An Old Mother
       Written by: Benjamin Franklin

We have an old mother that peevish is grown
She snubs us like children that scarce walk alone
She forgets we’re grown up and have sense of our own

*Refrain: Which nobody con deny, deny which nobody can deny.

If we don’t obey orders, whatever the case,
She frowns, and she chides and she loses all patience
and sometimes she hits us a slap in the face,

Her orders so odd are, we often suspect
That age has impaired her sound intellect
But still an old mother should have some respect.

We’ll join in her lawsuits to baffle all those
Who, to get what she has, will be often her foes;
But we know it must all be our own, when she goes.

Well Bye, 

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