Thursday, February 9, 2012

I love living in the South!

The last like three weeks have been so awesome! that it makes me think it is spring, and I know the flowers think it's spring because they are all blooming.
I took this picture three days ago and there are at lest twenty others flowers just like it. 
I've been playing soccer bar-foot, we've been playing out after dark again and not felt like we where going to freeze, the mosquitoes are thriving in all the puddles and I know from personal experience (a very bad experience) that the poison-ivy is still growing very well. 
It is so beautiful around hear I thought I would tell y'all! 

I feel like I need to put quotation marks at the beginning and end of this, it's been to long sense I have just posted for fun. I will try to do more 'fun' posts soon.

Well Bye,

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